The phrase ‘interior design’ is often accompanied by a visual of a blank cheque. Television shows, featuring sprawling California homes or New York City penthouses, invite viewers to envisage unlimited cash outpourings and crews of workers dismantling living spaces. Networks always deliver spectacular reveals. Though entertaining, the results of such celebrity projects are often unrealistic and impractical.

Professional services in every industry have intrinsic value that is as individual as each person. My ‘grand reveal’ within each category of service I provide is realistic and has measurable value. Whether the end product is a sanctuary in which to relax, an indoor or outdoor space in which to entertain, or an appeal-to-all ‘setting’ to attract potential home purchasers, employing my services benefits your life.

My business principals are built on a foundation of—

A strong sense of responsibility: My experience and previous client satisfaction speaks to my commitment to serve you.  This includes adherence to schedule, timely reporting, and recommending and using superior, well researched products.

Open lines of communication: We begin with a consultation, and I follow through with a plan that illustrates a clear understanding of your vision and budget. Updates are delivered based on the level of involvement you choose, from learning and working alongside me, to handing over the reins until the job is complete.

Here’s How it Works

Home Staging

Staging expedites the process from ‘set’ (the stage) to ‘net’ (the profit). There are tidy houses and there are showcased homes. Staged properties are viewed seriously and create faster sales or rentals, with offers closer to listed prices. Whether the staging is representative of multiple apartments for future rent or sale, or the private sale of a family home, the price of setting the stage is an investment that creates a higher return.… learn more

Interior Decorating

You deserve comfort in your living or office space. Personalizing adds value to your lifestyle. I simplify the process. Entire homes and/or outdoor spaces can become a sanctuary. Often, items you already own come to life when they’re repurposed and/or reorganized for practicality and comfort. Enhanced by an injection of color, and/or accessorized with a stylish purchase, rooms can take on new life for less cost than you might think.… learn more


Reviewing your possessions and removing the ‘no-longer-needed’ is refreshing, but can be emotional. For empty-nester projects, revamps and reorganizations create space and reveal items that can be passed on to family members, sold, or donated. Compassionate efforts to assist seniors requiring a ‘sort-through’ in order to free up space in their home for aids-to-daily-living adaptations, can be performed sensitively and economically.… learn more


The reasons are many: those who no longer need family spaces; individuals choosing alternative living spaces in order to purchase a vacation home and divide their time between the two; retirees who have chosen to use the equity in a larger home for travel; and those who are assisting senior family members relocate to small, serviced apartments. I can seamlessly handle the decorating and organization requirements of any downsizing combination, simplifying the process and remaining sensitive to all issues.… learn more


From finish to start—leaving the old and moving to the new. It’s the ‘reverse view’ that sets the process apart. Relocation efforts can encompass elements from all the categories: downsizing, decluttering, staging, and interior decorating. My experience can reduce the stress by providing a plan that fits into a set timeline so that you can enjoy the move.… learn more