About Me

Designer genes.  That’s what I wear; what I’ve always worn.

An artist born to business-minded parents with creative hearts who designed homes, built them, landscaped, and decorated. My building blocks were real; by the age of thirteen I could wallpaper a room by myself, recommend a matte or satin paint finish, and spot a Laura Ashley print from across a crowded room.

With that kind of start it was no surprise that my college education encompassed the Visual Fundamentals and Arts program. Recognized as a top student, I thrived on creative projects in and out of school. I embraced the business of design, professionally staging indoor and outdoor décor at the commercial level and within private homes.

 Fast-forward twenty years. Insert industry awareness. My passion for decorating continues.

The great thing about designer genes is, just like their sound-alike friend ‘Levi’, they can be dressed up with a pair of heels, made practical with a well-worn pair of cowboy boots, or take on a casual look with high-tops. Happy am I that my professional association with décor is as timeless as the blue faded favorites.

My mission is to work with you so that your space—a room, a house, an outdoor retreat, an office—reflects your intended style and purpose. I custom create a service package for you that begins with a consultation and ends with outstanding results. Let me put my whole heART into your space.

Anita Dyrbye

Anita Dyrbye

Home Designer & Decorator