Home Staging

Staged properties are viewed seriously and net quick and profitable results for sales or rentals. It is assumed that Canadian figures follow the US statistics, in that research south of the border reports that home staging can reduce a listing’s market time by one-third to one-half. It can also generate a 6% to 20% better price than an empty home, or one not properly staged. That same research states that 91% of staged homes sell in one month or less.

In the past, staging a home for sale or rent has fallen to the homeowner, and was defined as regularly mowing the lawn and making sure the laundry area was free of clothes. Setting the stage for suites in commercial properties simply meant making sure the walls were freshly painted and the construction site was clear. Staging became popular when the industry reflected a buyer’s market; sellers began to see the value in making their homes and properties outshine the rest. In a seller’s marketplace staging assists in quicker sales. The most successful home stagers are the ones who recognize current trends and adapt them to create an appealing set.

Constantly aware of new developments in design, I am thorough and informed, using more than visual cues for staging; texture and air quality are equally important to creating the overall mood. I transform your space into an atmosphere in which potential purchasers or renters can imagine their belongings, and appreciate the home’s full potential.

I am keenly aware that in private sales home-owners can interpret a staging as depersonalization of their space. It is a depersonalization, and I can help clients through the process, explaining why certain actions are valuable to their goals and bottom line.

Staging rentals are available on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. A variety of packages are available based on the size of your home, schedules, and staging scope.

An overview of how the process works:

  • All my work begins with a consultation—I want to understand your situation and see your vision.
  • Next, I develop a plan based on that understanding, and within your budget.
  • Plans are determined, and can be as brief as DIY information derived from the consultation, or can include learning/teaching time and joint shopping excursions.
  • A timeline is established.
  • I will provide regular updates throughout the project.
  • Closure of the project is formalized with a written summary and can include a face-to-face meeting. At that time I welcome an evaluation of the entire initiative.

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