Downsizing applies to a variety of circumstances, including: individuals choosing a smaller home and adding a vacation home to their inventory; retirees deciding to purchase or rent a less spacious place in order to access their equity; senior family members relocating to assisted-living serviced-apartments.

The process of downsizing can take place in stages that are plotted on a timeline so as not to be overwhelming. If, however, the move needs to take place within a tighter schedule, the initiative can take shape to ensure a stress free exercise.

My organizational skills and design know-how are assets to you when you relocate to a smaller residence, or if your business is moving to smaller premises. I can ensure a seamless project throughout any downsizing. I keep the process simple and remain sensitive to all issues.

Financial accounting is essential when downsizing includes the sale of furniture, large and small appliances, accessories, garden and work tools, and other items of value that do not fit into the new scenario. Efficient coordination of sales, donations, and various services is key. The tracking of this information can be incorporated into the downsizing plan.

An overview of how the process works:

  • All my work begins with a consultation—I want to fully understand your situation.
  • Next, I develop a detailed plan based on that understanding, and within your budget.
  • Plans are established, and can be as brief as DIY information derived from the consultation.
  • A timeline is determined taking into account multiple locations (as required).
  • I can purchase of moving materials on your behalf.
  • If large furniture has been sold and smaller pieces are required, they can be obtained through a team effort.
  • I will provide regular updates throughout the project.
  • Closure of the project is formalized with a written summary and can include a face-to-face meeting. At that time I welcome an evaluation of the entire initiative.

Contact Anita to start downsizing and enjoy a simpler way of living today!